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    Download The Oxford Handbook of Pensions and Retirement Income (Oxford Handbooks in Business and Management) -

     Published: 27-12-2012, 12:12  Comments: (0)

    The Oxford Handbook of Pensions and Retirement Income (Oxford Handbooks in Business and Management)

    The Oxford Handbook of Pension and Retirement Income is the only comprehensive review available of the latest research, policy-related tools, analytical methods and techniques and major theoretical frameworks and principles of pension and retirement income. Featuring over forty contributions from leading academic and professional experts, the handbook draws on research from a range of academic disciplines to reflect on the implications for current and future provision of pension and retirement income of demographic aging, the changing financial circumstances of nation states, and globalization. An indispensable desk reference for researchers and practitioners in the area, it is also essential for policymakers and those with broad interests, which include this very important area.

    Title: The Oxford Handbook of Pensions and Retirement Income (Oxford Handbooks in Business and Management)
    Publication Date: 2006
    Pages: 850

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