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    Download Essentials of New Jersey Real Estate (Essentials of New Jersey Real Estate) - Edith Lank

     Published: 20-12-2012, 09:36  Comments: (0)

    Essentials of New Jersey Real Estate (Essentials of New Jersey Real Estate)

    Book DescriptionThis text was developed with input from many New Jersey educators and was written by authors with extensive educational and practical real estate experience. It is a valuable tool to help students prepare for real estate licensing exams as well as for careers in real estate. The latest version of the New Jersey License Act is reprinted in its entirety, along with the state commissions rules and regulations. The latest version of the NAR Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice isalso reproduced. Other features of this book include the following: Twenty-three chapters organized so topical coverage parallels the state-mandated number of hours of instruction. Complicated concepts explained in simple language and a reading level that avoids legal jargon and provides definitions for all technical terms the first time they are used. A list of key terms, a summary of important concepts, a key terms review activity and a set of multiple-choice...

    Title: Essentials of New Jersey Real Estate (Essentials of New Jersey Real Estate)
    Author: Edith Lank
    Publication Date: 2005

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