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    Download Game Development Essentials: Video Game Art (Game Development Essentials) - Todd Gantzler

     Published: 31-01-2013, 12:46  Comments: (0)

    Game Development Essentials: Video Game Art (Game Development Essentials)

    The premiere title in the Game Development Essentials series explores the art of bringing a game designers concepts to life. A strong foundation in game artistry is the essential first step, and leading game art designer Todd Gantzler takes readers behind the scenes to show them how to create the entire visual world from characters to environments that a game player encounters on the computer screen. Hands-on tutorial instruction suitable for beginning-to-intermediate-level game artists explains the process involved in creating art for real-time 3D digital games and, specifically, video games. The book highlights the technical aspects of preparing art quickly and effectively while conforming to the limitations and specifications of todays most widelyused 3D game engines.

    Title: Game Development Essentials: Video Game Art (Game Development Essentials)
    Author: Todd Gantzler
    Publication Date:

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