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    Download Jack Welch Speaks: Wisdom from the World's Greatest Business Leader - Janet Lowe

     Published: 26-11-2012, 17:59  Comments: (0)

    Jack Welch Speaks: Wisdom from the World's Greatest Business Leader

    The world listens when Jack Welch speaks "Jack Welch has long been one of my heroes. When you read this book you will understand why."?Warren Buffett, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway "Jack Welch is a management genius who attacks life as hedoes business?with unconventional flair, a restless intellect, and no tolerance for phonies. And I?d say that even if he weren?t my boss!"?Tom Brokaw, Anchor and Managing Editor, NBC "Jack Welch describes himself as ?just aman in a room.? Janet Lowe takes us into this room by letting the man speak for himself. Through his own words, it becomes clear why he is listened to and emulated all over the world. Big man, big room. "?Sam Nunn, Former U.S. Senator; Partner,King and Spalding Here is just a sample of what you?ll find inside: "If someone tells me ?I?m working 90 hours a week,? I say, ?You?re doing something terribly wrong.? I go skiing on the...

    Title: Jack Welch Speaks: Wisdom from the World's Greatest Business Leader
    Author: Janet Lowe
    Publication Date: 2001
    Pages: 256

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