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    Download Analyzing Companies and Valuing Shares: How to Make the Right Investment Decision (Investor's Guide) - Michael Cahill

     Published: 5-02-2013, 09:12  Comments: (0)

    Analyzing Companies and Valuing Shares: How to Make the Right Investment Decision (Investor's Guide)

    Book DescriptionGetting to the real value of a business and assessing what are its shares really worth suddenly looks less clear cut. In an investment environment that is extremely challenging even for experienced City professionals, doing your homework has never been more important. And with the current accounting scandals rocking confidence and the markets being able to accurately value companies, stock has just taken on a whole new dimension. The book goes beyond investment ratios to explore what these ratios tell us about the company as an investment or what the ratios tell us about the stock market's assessment of the company and its prospects

    Title: Analyzing Companies and Valuing Shares: How to Make the Right Investment Decision (Investor's Guide)
    Author: Michael Cahill
    Publication Date: 2003

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