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    Download Supervision - The Organizational Role of Supervisors: What Every Supervisor Needs to Know - Jack Asgar

     Published: 7-02-2013, 14:20  Comments: (0)

    Supervision - The Organizational Role of Supervisors: What Every Supervisor Needs to Know

    This book has the answers to these key questions: Who is a supervisor? Why do we have supervisors? Why managers shouldn't supervise. Should supervisors be knowledgeable about the specific methods and techniques by which the employees should be doing their work? What should managers do? Is a supervisor a member of management? Who should coordinate the activities of two different workgroups? What happens when managers supervise? What are some of the common and significant duties of supervisors?

    Title: Supervision - The Organizational Role of Supervisors: What Every Supervisor Needs to Know
    Author: Jack Asgar
    Publication Date: 2008
    Pages: 88

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