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    Download The Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law (Oxford Handbooks in Law) -

     Published: 25-01-2013, 14:29  Comments: (0)

    The Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law (Oxford Handbooks in Law)

    The Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law takes stock of the major developments in international environmental law, while exploring the field's core assumptions and concepts, basic analytical tools, and key challenges. It is intended to serve as an authoritative and indispensable overview of the field. Although the handbook focuses on international environmental law, it also examines the subject from a broader policy and theoretical perspective, drawing on insights from other disciplines such as political science, economics, and philosophy. It aims to strike a balance between practical preoccupations and critical or theoretical reflection. Each chapter examines an issue that is central to current scholarly debates or policy development. At the same time, The Handbook is structured as a whole to provide readers with both a 'bigger picture' of international environmental law and a more in-depth understanding of its preoccupations. This approach is particularly important...

    Title: The Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law (Oxford Handbooks in Law)
    Publication Date: 2008
    Pages: 1112

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