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    Download Strengthening the Heartbeat: Leading and Learning Together in Schools (Jossey-Bass Education Series) - Thomas J. Sergiovanni

     Published: 29-11-2012, 09:16  Comments: (0)

    Strengthening the Heartbeat: Leading and Learning Together in Schools (Jossey-Bass Education Series)

    Study after study has concluded that no matter how competently managed a school may be, it is the bringing together of leadership and learning that makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary performance.A Strengthening the Heartbeat offers leaders a clear and compelling way to help their schools achieve extraordinary results.A The proven principles outlined in this book can help any school build a culture of leadership and learning.A Thomas J. Sergiovanni?a leading thinker in the educational leadership arena?shows how a strong heartbeat is a school's best defense against the obstacles leaders face as they work to change schools for the better.A But strengthening the heartbeat of schools requires that we rethink what leadership is, how leadership works, what leadership's relationship is to learning, and why we need to practice both leadership and learning together.A Filled with illustrative examples, Strengthening the Heartbeat shows how to build trust that...

    Title: Strengthening the Heartbeat: Leading and Learning Together in Schools (Jossey-Bass Education Series)
    Author: Thomas J. Sergiovanni
    Publication Date: 2004
    Pages: 224

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