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    Download How to Work Smart! And Enjoy Your Job: 25 Simple Ways to be Recognized, Appreciated, Respected and Valued - Melinda Howard Erickson

     Published: 25-01-2013, 15:38  Comments: (0)

    How to Work Smart! And Enjoy Your Job: 25 Simple Ways to be Recognized, Appreciated, Respected and Valued

    This book is a powerful tool and valuable resource for both employees and employers. It helps the employee understand which qualities are essential in order to enjoy and retain their job, and also to get ahead. Used as an orientation or training tool, it helps the employer reduce costly turnover and make a difference in attitudes, perceptions, and results!

    Title: How to Work Smart! And Enjoy Your Job: 25 Simple Ways to be Recognized, Appreciated, Respected and Valued
    Author: Melinda Howard Erickson
    Publication Date:

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